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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

Lapper: I wonder why they killed the 404'd page.
Qermaq: me too
Lapper: Maybe they migrated and have yet to set it up?
Qermaq: been a while
Qermaq: and as I'm sure they check the Wiki more than they admit, surely they know?
Lapper: Hah.
Lapper: "Dude, check if they say I'm hot on the talk page yet."
Lapper: {cut to conference}
Qermaq: look at the evidence
Lapper: "*achem* Yes, we recognize the HRWiki as a... valuable source of... information."
Qermaq: Missing Lappy - meant to thwart the ease of doing subtitles, by using Marzipan's voice as H*R
Lapper: Oh, yes, Qermaq, they're *sabotaging* our efforts.
Qermaq: retirement - meant to thwart our categorization of SBEmails
Qermaq: no, not sabotage, just challenging us
Lapper: Hah.
Qermaq: Let's see what the fan wankers do with THIS!
Lapper: One of our guys should be able to get a real interview with TBC.
Qermaq: that should be possible, I'm surprised no oine has attempted it
Lapper: Joey: All right, Mr. Chapman, our first question for you is...
Lapper: ...Why are you sabotaging our ******* wiki, you ****?!
Lapper: Matt: Whoa!
Qermaq: No 1st q would be, "Why label Hyperblade "Hypoublade", on the Floppy Disk Container?"
Lapper: Nah, nah, first we would have philosophical smalltalk.
Qermaq: Are you really planning to have Strong Bad upgrade The Paper in email #173, as shown in montage?
Qermaq: Why no arms? What's the benefit?
Lapper: Are you actually afraid that we know who your friends are?
Qermaq: Do you color Easter eggs like Strong Bad at home?
Lapper: What's the baby's name?
Qermaq: Do you ever include elements into the toons based on confusion or misunderstanding at the wiki?
Lapper: Do you like articles about the couch?
Heimstern has quit the server saying: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
Lapper: And, finally, do you enjoy logging in portraying yourself as an immature twelve-year-old whilst periodically vandalizing our wiki?
Lapper: {The thing pulls his head off the desk} Wh-wha?
Qermaq: That would be a major mindblow
Qermaq: Mike is The thing!
Lapper: Joey: Oh. My. God. {zoom in on head; Joey speaks into lapel} We've got a lead, men. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Qermaq sees men go, helpless to assist
Lapper: {large men in black suits with "SYSOP" tattooed across their bulging biceps in block lettering}
Lapper: "Where did they come from?"
Lapper: "Oh, them? They're the power users."
Qermaq with "Loser" magic-markered on a cheap T-shirt watches the fracas from afar
Lapper: And then Mike is restrained while BuffDorianGray injects him with WikiTranquilizer, etc. etc.
Lapper: Hah hah, Qermaq.
Lapper: How did you get that tshirt? {cracking up}
Qermaq smokes another free cigar
Qermaq: Hmm?
Qermaq: I'm a civvy
Qermaq: Or, maybe I'm a special operative
Qermaq: Purposely without papers and credentials, to more easily sneak within enemy wikis and tantalize their reality with HRWiki propoganda
Lapper: Of squadron LOSER? Lame Operatives of Secret Execution Reign.
Qermaq: I'm like a wiki commando

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