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Three Little Words

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago


When the streets shoot fire with the thunderbolt roll

And the bloodshot demons run free

That's when I'll see her again within the pit of my heart

Staring out of the past into me


We stood there together on the edge of forever

in the shadows of a pale moonlight

and I've never seen a woman looking better than she did

on a lonely deep dark hot summer night


Well my body was trembling

and my soul was aching

but I saw my salvation her eyes

So I held out my hands

and said those three little words

that I've been holding for so long inside


Pull my finger

Pull my finger

I'm begging' ya please

Why don't ya pull my finger?

Pull my finger

Pull my finger

I'm down on my knees

why don't ya pull my finger?

Maybe I don't know what I'm asking you for

And maybe I know it ain't right

Won't ya pull my finger, baby, 'til the morning light...?


I said I gotta get out

I gotta get outta here

I can, I gotta get going away

If ya never gonna give me

the answer that I need

I wait 'til the end of the day


So I got on my bike

and headed out on the road

at a hundred million miles a hour

And I drove all night

and then the road all went up

to a raging pit of burnin' fire


And as my bike cracked out

through the gates of hell

I thought about a hockey game...

Tuchain brings the puck up towards the center line, looks for the open man, passes over to Hunter, who takes a shot from the point. Wide left!

Puck bounces into the crease, Burlowski and Marsh ducking it out of the control. Marsh with control, passes up to Kreeger, Kreeger sends it to the blue line for Steeples, passes it up to Caneff and, oh, a crushing from Cariso sends Caneff into the boards!

Steepels comes up with the puck, it's a two on one, he chockes and now only the goalie's down between him and the net. Steepels charges, Heckstile comes up to meet him, it's the moment of truth, he dips, Heckstile hits the ice, and it seems like he has an empty net. Holy cow!



I'll never pull your finger!

No way I'm gonna pull your finger!

I'm never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ever, ever gonna pull it


Boy: Pull my finger

Girl: Put it away!

Boy: Pull my finger

Girl: Please don't ask me again

Boy: You know that I need for you to pull my finger

Girl: I'm tired of your childish games

Boy: I'm prayin' to God

Girl: I don't know where it's been

Boy: I'm goin' out of my mind

Girl: Ask me anything else

Boy: I don't know what to do

Girl: But darlin' don't ask me to do that!

Boy: Why don't you pull my finger? - Don't you know what it means to me babe?

Girl: How many times do I have to tell you?

Boy: I do anything you want

Girl: I don't care it hurts to you!

Boy: If you just pull my finger

Girl: Let the heavens rain down!

Boy: I'm going up - Why don't you take my hand?

Girl: Let the mountains fall!

Boy: Tell me what I gotta do for you to pull my finger

Girl: But I'm never gonna pull your finger

both: Now...

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