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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

15.9: Morning.


I was on a roll, man. I was like, changing the captions of everything, dude! And than this guy, who's like, and "admin" or whatever just cut me off! Dude! Sucks! And now how am I soppused to go and mke the pictures better, ah? I was a roll, man... On a fucking roll...


15.9: Night.


My d100 was broken by my mother. It's not the first time this has happened. First, my model aircraft carrier, then my lava lamp and now this. It pisses me off in so many levels.. and the exuses! Urgh! "Your cousin was eating on your table..." (Why was he eating in MY room? or even on the table and not on the nightstand?) "...And he spilled some water" (He spilled?!) "...And whan I brought a towel to clean it up the dice just rolled to the flor and cracked tin half and all those little pices came out..." (the brackes too?! this is fucking Zocchihedron II!) "...So I swept it from all over the flor and I hope I got all the little pieces". Oh! and the ignorance! "Why won't you buy a new one?" 40 fucking Sheqels!! for a once-a-year-in-the-comics-con d100! I'm going to bed.. I think a nerve is going to pop...


27.9: night

woah, man. that's mean. howcome we never heard anything about it? anyway. today the ober-teacher told us tomorrow we're going swimming. great. no chemistry. no hw. wunderbar! but then, some stuuupid kid from our guuuufted class just haaad to find out more. so she called the ober-teacher. no swimming. chemistry is on. it's 2206 and i gotta do chemistry hw. that sucks.

but on the positive side, i wont smell of chlorine tomorrow when i go perform in the cinematek. muha.

btw elcool, you can erase this line later: add full frontal nerdity and oots. howcome you forgot oots?


11.1: Noon

Fucking mother fuckers taking my fucking drawing job. I HATE the damn board. I wish they all die in the most grousome way ever imagened. Fuck them! MY page is gonna have MY drawing on it, no some fucking lame-ass picture. All three years I parctised drawing by buddies and now I'm ready and they say they gonna use a fucking photo?! Fucking bitches.


23.2: Schoolhours

I feel bored. Nothing new on HRWiki at this hours. Everybody is staring at the screen of the guy directly infront of me so I can't see shit. Buuuut... He sent it to just no. So fuck it, I'm gonna read it. See ya later, the rishon folk.


23.2: After an hour

[http://www.tzitut.com/Uni/?top150] Man! That ruled. This is so funny, the teacher almost sent me out of class. To bad 95% of you can't read it. Ha! TOO bad. For those who want to know what the crap was so god-damn funny, those are quotes from university studants. Geek houmor to the max! I feel so much better after all those un-happy days. I'm a houmor addict and the last few days were kinda depressing. Right now I'm flipping my buddy here off. He thinks that I can't write "kinda" in MY FUCKING BLOG!! And now: For the rast of the rant. Where was I? Oh, right. So nothing too funny happaned in a days. I've been putting off Ptitim Online and hadn't touched my tablet in days! Merde.. Now I feel like drawing. I had some angry-drawings two days ago. They were good, but not funny. Just mean. I don't like drawing mean stuff. I'd rather draw without style at all then draw like fucking DaVinchi and without houmor. Well, the lesson is over so I'm signing off now. Bye.


2.4: After mindnight.

so the deadline for our yearbook is tommorw afternoon and me and my buddies had to design our own page. Why can't we be just like any other fucking class, having three or four students running the thing? Now insted of three people I have the whole fucking class on my head. An my teacher. Not to mention they took my jorb or drawing, and they put 7 people on one page, they put the deadline a day after april 1st and on one of the bussiest weeks of school. The Bagrut and Magen week. couldn't they just put it in Passover when we have no tests and a three week holiday? Fucking jerks. My wiki had one of the funniest days in it's existance and I missed it. Those sons of bitches made me miss it. I'm so tired and hungry and pissed off. Today we also had the tweens over. I like them, as they are so cute, but they demend so much time! I almost didn't had time to check my webcomics or pull of any worthwhile pranks today and I feel like all the day ws wasted. Bugh.

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