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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

<Rogue_Leader> Uh oh, another fatal error
<Rogue_Leader> this does not look good for Dan
<Lapper> *Chiiich* Wiki, we have a problem.
<Lapper> 10-4, Dan. What's your status?
<Rogue_Leader> Going down
<Rogue_Leader> Going down 
<Rogue_Leader> freaking screwed
<Lapper> We'll be sending a squad out momentarily. If you could please stay on the line; all of our operators are currently busy.
<Rogue_Leader> Third error
<Lapper> *elevator music*
<Rogue_Leader> Ha
<Lapper> Hah.
<Lapper> *Chiiich* Hey, RG. We've got a B-12 coming your way, if you can hang on for fifteen more seconds.
<Rogue_Leader> Er, I have about fifteen miliseconds
<Lapper> *Chiiich* Daniel! This is your mother. Come down to dinner this instant!
<Lapper> Mooooom!
<Elcool> B-12 reporting:
<Elcool> target on sight
<Elcool> awaiting orders, headquerters
<Lapper> *Chiiiich* We have a Rogue target coming your way at 3 o' clock, B-12, do you read?
<Elcool> loud and clear
<Lapper> *Chiiich* Permission to open fire granted, B-12.
<Elcool> bombs awa..
<Elcool> wait
<Elcool> what?
<Elcool> oops
<Elcool> emmm...
<Elcool> uhh..
<Elcool> you're breaking off!
<Lapper> *Chiiich* What's your stall, B-12? Fire at the enemy before they shoot you down. Do you read?
<Elcool> i.. chhhh... yo.... ro... chhhh
<Elcool> -- lost transmition
<Lapper> Base: "Godmanit, we're loosing the signal."
*** Phlip has quit ("I've said it before, and I'll say it again. But I won't say it now.")
<Lapper> *chiiich* Man down. I repeat, Lt. Phlip is down.
<Lapper> It's dead air, sir. No one can hear you.
<Lapper> *Chiiich* I'll take a double cheeseburger, large fries and a Coke.
<Lapper> *Chiiich* 10-4, do you want to Super Size that?
<Lapper> *Chiich* Roger that.

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