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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 9 months ago

27th Prance Blvd.


Free Country USA


Mr. Sterrance Tso,

Owner of Mount Rides Place USA,

Thorax Corporation, LLC,

403 Figgis St.

Mundelow, PA 80808


Dear Sir.


I am a paranormal investigator with a special interest in hunted theme parks. Me and my lovely assistant (AKA my wife) investigate the rides and coasters of parks such as your own after closing times, usually accompanied by an a cappella singing group for the atmosphere. The two of us like gentle rides and the high views seen from the top of ferries wheels.

We would like to visit your park, as said, after closing hours when every last visitor have left and to stay there for at least 8 hours. At our disposal, we ask a ride operator to walk with us as we investigate the different rides for ghosts, ghouls, gargoyles, gnolls, gnomes and goblins. A check for hags, Halflings, harpies, hell hounds and hydras should, and need (For your safety) to be made at another date. We bring with us our own tools (AKA our children) to test the rides with, but we are in a need for a moving platform for the singing group to stand on while we walk.

Could you accept our request? How much would it cost us and do you accept Mongolian Visa? For every hideous creature we find, will a certain amount of money be repaid back too us? The market price for gargoyles really went sky-rise since the big Notre dam outbreak of 2003.

Disneyland has already turned us down, so please don't do so too. I heard many nice things about Mount Rides Place (and its gruesome habitants) and I'd like to verify them myself.


Don't let the bed bugs bite,

Anonymous Contributor.

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