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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

Here are all the comics I currently read: (And a bit of commentary too)


Instant Classic: A comics about filmmakers, films, film tipes, film poetry, fil... Not updated regularly, but the Prologe is awesome. Just read it. It's good for you.


Bigger Than Cheeses: Just a weird comics. Nice rant and cool links. And Jesus Man too.


Commissioned: A super great comics about D&D geeks. Updated 6 fucking times a week!! Long rants, cool art and a bald artist.


Ctrl+Alt+Del: One of the, if not the best oldest comics around. Making the gamer lifestyle look awesome since 2002.


Filibuster Cartoons: Political comics by a Canadian dude. Need I say more?


Loserz: Great 4-panel comics about two geeks and a slut. Very good art.


Nothing Nice to Say: Punk comic. Most of the jokes fly over my head, but I still find it funny.


Orneryboy: Zombies. And hard rock. Best copy-paste work I've seen.


The Perry Bible Fellowship: Maybe updated one time a week, but man is it worth it... Every strip a work of art. Black as the sun at night.


Questionable Content: A comics for Indians. Also 6 times a week. One of the best of best. What can I say? Just read it. (It got hot girls too!)


Radioactive Panda: Do you want zombies with that? Superb art, alot of humor, may be too weird.


Real Life: One of the oldies. Nice style.


Rod and Elliot: A roomie comics. Nice art and original idias. iMonkey.


Shortpacked!: New on the block, very nice jokes and sweet coloring.


Spamusment!: Don't go to the link before you read the caption. Just try to imagine the true meening of the spam line. Creative.


A Modest Destiny: RIP. Was one of the best. Fucking PA...


Tje Coffee Achievers: From the same guy of Nothing Nice to Say. Distinctive visual style and weird plot. Oh yeah, and lesbians too.


The Gods of Arr Kelaan: Was nice. now.. Meh.


Order of the Stick: If you are here, and didn't read it already, than.. Go read it. Stick figures, D&D, meta-playing, spot chackes.. The best thing ever. (After Homestar...)


Beaver and Steve: Great comics for the morning. Very weird.


Theater Hopper: Great movie comics. don't care about the rant.


VG Cats: Like video games? Like cats? Like a cat stuck in the CD drive? Like a PSP eaten by a cat? No? Ok. Go read the comic.


War of the Worlds: An eComics by Dark Horse publishing. Great art, nice book.


Kristy vs. the Zombie Army: New zombie comics. Alot of action.


Yirmumah: Oldschool style comic with great jokes and a retarted cat.

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