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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 9 months ago

A list of terms I am using whan dicussing webcomics:


4-panel: A comic who limit themselves to strips with just 4 panels. Mainly gag comics, but can also have a plot. The 4 panels can be ether side-by-side, or two on two.


Panel: One square limited by straight lines. Those contain a small number of drawn dialogs and/or actions. Strips are made from one panel to several.


Strip: A group of panels who have the same main idea and are connected to each other, literally. A comic is made from several strips.


Comic: The collection of several strips made by one or few artist and writers.


Webcomics: A comics that is buplished on the Internet.


Site: The website of the webcomic.


Rant: The part of the site which the people involved in it (i.e.: The writer, the artist, the admin ect.) write about news or the comic itself.

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